Agua Fina can take care of your personal property as well as provide complete services for any commercial property out there.  No project is too small or too big for our experienced and dedicated staff.  Please contact us for more details on how we can design, plan, transform and maintain your commercial or residential property.


Aqua Fina currently provides a large number of services for several commercial properties in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.  Some of these include the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, the city of Kansas City Missouri, Kansas Department of Transportation, US DOT TIGER, and the city of Kansas City, KS.  Please contact us for more information about the wide variety of services we can provide for your commercial properties.





Agua Fina offers almost any landscape service your property needs.  Below are many of the most popular lawn and landscape services we provide to our customers.  If you don't see something on the list that involves your lawn or landscape, chances are Agua Fina is fully capable of helping you in almost any service you require.


Maintenance Plans

Agua Fina has many routine maintenance plans to meet almost any budget.  Let us do all the work and you'll have much more time to enjoy your beautiful and well maintained property.  Please visit our Maintenance Plans page for more information about specific plans to meet your needs.


Landscape Design

All of our home and commercial landscape designs are developed to satisfy your needs.  Our goal is customer satisfaction in providing you with a completely efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape.  We aim to enhance the quality of life for the users of the property.  Our design principles are based on plant characteristics, the overall flow of your property, and time-tested design principles.  We plan every design to please your style, whether it be formal, linear, symmetrical, modern or simple.  If you don't know what you want in the overall design of your landscape, Agua Fina shines above the rest by providing you with options that are tailored to your specific property and desires.


Water Features

Ponds, waterfalls, streams, fountains and other water features designed and built just for your property.  Water features in your landscape provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere like no other.  Water features can also include aquatic plants and fish, transforming your water feature from an ordinary garden into an extraordinary retreat right in your back yard. 


Plants and Trees

Plants, flowers, trees, bushes, hedges and other plant selection is critical in making your property beautiful, functional, and healthy.  We offer many design services to revive, replenish and boost the plant life on your property.  We also offer tree and plant removal services as well as routine plant and tree maintenance.  From preparing for those cold and icy winters to replenishing your entire property's plant life in the spring, Agua Fina can do it all.


New Sod Lawns

When its time to start a new lawn, you basically have two options - grass seed or sod.  Laying sod is fast and it produces an "instant" high quality lawn.  Aqua Fina can help you choose the perfect type of sod for your new property and we are capable of replacing your current lawn with new sod for a quick, beautiful and healthy lawn.


One-Time Cleanups

Cleaning up your property can be a huge task... not for Agua Fina.  Just call and schedule a one-time cleanup and our crew will take care of almost any property cleanup job you require.  Agua Fina also offers property cleanup as part of many of our routine maintenance plans.



Core aeration is the process our staff uses to improve the health of your lawn by reducing soil compaction, increasing oxygen levels, and allowing fertilizer and water to quickly reach the roots of lawn.  Aeration helps in reducing stress from drought,  thatch, and many other harmful situations your lawn may be experiencing.  Aeration is a simple and low cost solution to many lawn problems and it can provide enormous results in the health and look of your lawn.



Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems and grass clippings that collects on lawns. Agua Fina dethatches your lawn with professional grade equipment.  The grass is passed through, dead and organic material is cut, torn loose, and deposited on the surface of the lawn.  Dethatching will promote vigorous growth and also prepare the entire lawn for reseeding.


Snow Removal

We offer full snow removal services for both commercial and residential properties.


Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is a great solution for specific landscape needs such as playgrounds, athletic fields, golf putting greens, and pet areas.  Synthetic turf comes in a variety of materials and quality, including synthetic blends of various types of recycled rubber.  Synthetic turf also reduces maintenance and your overall use of water.  A mixture of natural and synthetic turf in your overall landscape design can create a variety of functional, easy to maintain, and beautiful areas.



Bark and Mulch

Biological Fertilization

Weed Control Applications

Seeding Services



AguaFina is a certified arborist in the state of Kansas and a member of the following irrigation and landscape associations....





AguaFina is a qualified installer of the following products:

Michael Dean

(913) 530-7260

Hector Dean

(913) 530-5661



Sprinkler System Maintenance

Even the best irrigation system needs routine maintenance if it is run too long or operated incorrectly.  Routine inspections, seasonal preparation, calibration, controller adjustments, and sprinkler head adjustments can prevent many bigger problems that may eventually cost you money.  Poorly maintained systems can lead to property damage, higher utility bills, costly repairs, and an unhealthy lawn.  Agua Fina has many affordable plans to suit your specific irrigation system maintenance.  Please visit our Maintenance Plans page for more information about specific plans to meet your needs.


Spring System Activation (zone-by-zone inspection)

We inspect, adjust and fine-tune your entire system. Winter can wreak havoc on an irrigation system, even one that's been properly winterized.  Our spring system activation includes a complete system inspection including a zone-by-zone inspection, making adjustments where needed, and checking any and all control system components.


Mid-Summer System Checkup

By mid-summer, your system has already had a good workout.  A mid-summer checkup ensures your system is still operating efficiently.  We will inspect and adjust your entire system, including sprinkler heads, controller settings, and any other problems we discover.


System Winterization

Again, winter can wreak havoc on your system.  Our winterization service insures your system is properly shut down for the season.  An irrigation system that is not properly winterized can lead to extensive damage and repair costs.  Agua Fina will give you peace of mind throughout the winter months.


Backflow Certification

Most cities and some housing developments have specific codes and regulations requiring yearly inspections and certifications. We are always current on the specific codes of any properties we plan to work on and will advise you on what we need to do to make sure your property is always up to code.


Repair Work and System Upgrades

We can repair and upgrade your current irrigation system, no matter what brand of parts were used and it doesn't matter who installed it... Agua Fina can fix it. It is very common for home owners to add new landscaping features to their property without upgrading or modifying their existing irrigation systems.  Agua Fina can help you improve the efficiency of your irrigation system by modernizing your old system.  New systems and even just a few upgrades will save you money, improve the health of the lawn, and maintain the overall value of your investment.


Irrigation System Design and Installation

All of our new irrigation system installations are designed around the specific needs of the customer as well as the overall design and layout of the property.  Our irrigation system designs are meant to be efficient, easy to operate, and most importantly, improve the health of your lawn, plants, and trees.


"Smart" Controllers and Sensors

Upgrading or installing new irrigation system controls can make your system run more efficiently, saving you money and improving the health of your lawn.  Agua Fina can install "smart" controllers that make seasonal adjustments to your run times, rain sensors, frost sensors, wind sensors, motion sensors and even satellite controls.


Drain systems

A properly designed and installed irrigation system also includes an efficient and safe drainage system.  Many drainage problems can also be caused by neighboring properties.  Agua Fina can inspect and install a solution to almost any drainage problem.



Rock Walls

Rock walls can be custom built on your property for many reasons.  Rock retaining walls can make the difference in a long lasting and safe property and one that is unsafe and unattractive.  Rock walls can also be used as a border for your landscape, creating many functional and beautiful areas throughout your entire property.  Our staff is experienced in designing, choosing the proper materials, and installing any kind of rock wall your property needs. 


Segmental Retaining Walls

These walls provide support to vertical slopes of soil.  Without segmental retaining walls, the soil will collapse into a neutral shape.  We use many types of materials and use a variety of building techniques to ensure your property is safe, beautiful and stands the test of time.


Outdoor Living Areas

Complete outdoor kitchens, dining areas, custom grilling centers, outdoor living rooms, and other custom living areas can be your home away from home... right out your back door.  We can plan, design and complete any outdoor living area you desire.  A truly functional and relaxing outdoor living area takes extremely careful planning.  We consider everything when designing your outdoor living area - functionality, style, color, space, and comfort are just a few things we consider when designing any landscaping element.


Outdoor Lighting

Agua Fina offers many custom outdoor illumination packages for practically any home or business application. Our staff can design, engineer, install and maintain a professional and beautiful outdoor lighting system to suit your specific needs. Lighting systems not only provide energy efficient light, most law enforcement agencies recommend outdoor lighting to discourage theft and vandalism as well as reducing potential for nighttime accidents. Please contact us today for more details.


Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplaces and fire pits create a beautiful focal point in your outdoor living area that can be enjoyed year round.  Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits create an inviting area of your landscape, even during cooler fall and winter months.  Agua Fina will not only design and build a beautiful and functional fireplace or fire pit, but we will instruct you on proper care and any related safety issues.


Patios and Walkways - Pavers, Bluestone, Flagstone, etc.


Miscellaneous Rock Work



Fences & Decks


Courtyard Walls








Planter Beds