Agua Fina offers complete lawn and landscape management for residential and commercial properties.  These are just a few of the management services we offer...


Complete Lawn & Landscape Management


Biological Fertilizer Application


Aerating Service




Water Feature Management


Tree & Shrubbery Care


AguaFina also offers many other lawn and landscape management services.  We can create a custom plan just for your property.  Please call for a free consultation and we can build an affordable and custom plan that works within any budget.




AguaFina is a certified arborist in the state of Kansas and a member of the following irrigation and landscape associations....






Michael Dean

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Hector Dean

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AguaFina offers many affordable plans for maintaining your property.  Preventive maintenance will save you money and keep all your irrigation components working properly and efficiently.  Routine landscape maintenance and lawn care will keep your property looking beautiful throughout the year and provide you with much more time to enjoy your property instead of taking care of it.  AguaFina is your one-stop solution to all of your irrigation, landscape, lawn and maintenance needs.



Residential Irrigation System Management Plan*

Yearly cost for residential system with up to 12 irrigation zones.  Please call for larger properties and commercial pricing.







Spring System Activation

Zone-by-zone and entire system inspection, adjustment and fine-tuning of all components, and a thourough check of all control system components.

System Winterization

Complete waterline evacuation, thorough system inspection, and system shutdown.

Mid-Summer System Checkup

Complete system inspection and component adjustments.


Repair Plan

Minor repairs will be made as needed.  Parts and labor extra and will only be completed upon your approval.


Backflow Certification

Inspection and certification to comply with city or development codes and regulations.



* Rates shown are effective if plan is paid for prior to March 31st of the service year purchased.  These prices are for residential services only.  Prices and rates for commercial properties depend on the size and complexity of the overall system.  Agua Fina offers complete irrigation system management for any size of commercial or residential property.  Please contact us for more information or to request a free consultation.