We are located in Kansas City, Kansas and provide irrigation, landscape, lawn and maintenance services to homes and businesses in eastern Kansas and western Missouri.  We are a full service grounds maintenance company.  Our company is dedicated to quality, professional and innovative design and solid workmanship for both the residential and commercial consumer.

AguaFina and its entire staff is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best customer service, completing the smallest or largest job with record-breaking speed and efficiency, providing you with expertise and knowledge of all operational processes, all while completing the job with a quality and end-result unheard of in the green industry. Our entire staff takes pride in the exceptional quality, efficiency, speed, and the overall end-result of each and every job we complete. Our goal is all about you, your specific needs, and completing the job - not just getting it done, but getting it done right the first time. Customer satisfaction and earning the respect of our clientele is what AguaFina is all about.

AguaFina's management team is compiled of trained and experienced professionals, all who share the same goal - to become the premier irrigation and landscape company in the area. We know that the absolute best way to achieve this goal is to provide you with an unprecedented level of service, expertise in every field, and a complete devotion to getting the job done exactly as, if not better than the customer desires.

Our success is based on our dedication to always providing you with a skillful and talented team of highly trained professionals for all of your irrigation, landscape, turf management, and horticultural needs. We know that our company's success is only equal to the level of customer satisfaction we create - the only way we can be successful is for you to be completely satisfied. As a commitment to your satisfaction and to our success, our management team routinely discusses the importance of how to always raise the level of the service we provide to our customers.

Many other local companies in our field have shown that work ethic has almost become a thing of the past, but at AguaFina, we will prove to you that work ethic is alive and well. Our constant commitment to completing each and every job quickly, efficiently, and ethically will prove to you that we mean what we say - you will be impressed with AguaFina in every way.



AguaFina is a certified arborist in the state of Kansas and a member of the following irrigation and landscape associations....





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AguaFina has a well-rounded management team that strives to upgrade and implement new techniques and services as the industry demands.


Mario Martinez

Originally from Zacatecas, Mexico, Mario has dedicated his entire life to the green industry. Mario has worked in irrigation, landscape and lawn maintenance both as a manager and worker. In love with the outdoors and nature in general, Mario has become in his fifteen years in the green industry, an astute student of irrigation, landscape and lawn protocol. He takes enormous pride in his work and has been employed previously by some of Kansas City's largest landscape and irrigation companies. Mario is an indispensable asset to the AguaFina team with his knowledge in the execution of modern methods, including the proper use of current products and materials. Mario's experience and expertise adds a whole new dimension to the AguaFina staff.


Hector Dean

At his father's side, Hector has learned from the ground up all the principles and techniques necessary to be one of the finest technicians and installers of irrigation systems in the greater Kansas City area. Hector brings an abundance of youthful intensity, passion, and energy into the realm at Aguafina. He likes the technical and the "how does it work and why does it work" parts of the industry. Proficiency and perfection are the sums of Hector's work ethic. With these old school work ethics instilled by his father, Hector knows to do it right the first time or don't do it at all. Although very well-rounded in all aspects of the green industry, he prefers the irrigation side of the industry as his own specialty. Hector is currently attending college and working hard on a post-secondary degree.


Michael Dean

Michael has a combined twenty-two years in the construction industry. From planting a single tree at a single-family residence to building a commercial skyscraper, he is well rounded in every aspect of the industry. Michael was introduced to the industry by his father-in-law, who had worked his whole life for Holsinger Nursery in Kansas City. Michael has seen the industry change drastically in the last twenty years. He has seen the industry become more commercialized with considerably less emphasis on the needs of the individual client and more on the needs of the company serving the client. With his engineering background he understands the technical as well as the practical side of all irrigation, landscape and turf situations. Michael is certified in various areas in the green industry, providing an in-depth knowledge to AguaFina's clients. He has always been in love with the outdoors and feels most at home when he is in the outdoors. Michael has but one belief and it is to serve the customer with professionalism and respect.



"There is a lot of knowledge in the

management at AguaFina."

~ Greg, Piper Estates, Kansas City, Kansas

Agua Fina is a qualified installer of the following products: